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Technical Museum

Time Machine

How did it happen?

My museum has no name yet, there are only thoughts on this matter, but, in fact, it is difficult to name the museum what we have. As one my wise and experienced friend from Zaporozhye said: “It’s not a museum, but a garage …”. In the project there is a museum, and for the time being – an abandoned manufactory of thermoplastic automatic machines, which stamped garden knives and hacksaws for wood with millions of copies, which were in high demand in the CMEA countries – Poland, Hungary, Montenegro in the early 90s (“Montenegro” is one of the areas of the former Yugoslavia). The echo of the past demand lies underfoot (although the shop has been standing for 25 years) – these are the handles of the hacksaw, the remains of raw materials and other unidentified wares just “at your feet”.

And if the plastic parts were not attracted by the vandals, then everything that is magnetized, i.e. iron, from this workshop has disappeared in decreasing order: the first “left” two suspended crane beams L-18 m with crane tracks (weight is about 7 tons, crane runway is for 32 bars + rails are about 15 tons), the thermoplastic automatic machines went in the course after the beams. They, judging by the remnants of the prints of the foundation, were about 10 pieces, and this is another 50 tons of iron. And for the snack cast-iron tile “left”, with which was covered the whole floor in the room (our Homeland was unrealistically rich!). The square meter of such a tile weighs 78 kg (that is, another 78 tonnes of cast iron), and, therefore, it turns out that in total our manufactory lost 150 tons.

Here is such an Inviolable Reserve the Motherland left to our descendants. And since the times were hard, the descendants used all this without a trace!!!

But the history of this building is not over. I stopped on it my choice, despite the fact that I got it in an inverted condition. Why? Location – it is almost the center of the city: from the windows you can see the monument of Glory, contact with Krest’yanskiy descent and Mandrykovskaya street promises easy advertising in the future. The placement itself corresponds to my inner plan – this is a strong Soviet building made of reinforced concrete with a height of L-12 m, so that, in the future, when the exhibits of our Fatherland will cease to be located on the 1st floor, we will think about the creation of 2 floors to expand the collection of exhibits.

The search for a building for the museum was based on the usual pattern of searching for retro cars: feeding up, fishing, and the result. I saw this building before the crisis in 2007, but the cost was simply too high. And five years later I again “went out” to this object on the announcement in the newspaper. The purchase at this time turned out to be quite real for me. Thanks to the previous owners for the fact that they have been waiting for me all this time! I think they deserved their ticket to the museum for 10 years ahead.

What will the museum look like? My collection of cars is more closely connected with our homeland of the USSR times, there is also a little tendency in the sport, which already has an intermediate name “Pr.o.Sport” – Prudnikov about sport. There are about 25 cars in my garage today, according to my calculations, this amount requires 500 m². I have 1160 m², so the technical museum will be built in 3 stages:

Stage 1 – 500 m², the planned delivery – November 13, 2013.

Stage 2 – 1160 m² – November 13, 2014.

Stage 3 – increase volume to 1700 m², (in case the museum will be in demand) planned delivery on November 7, 2017, to the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

The museum will be designed in the form of the development of our native Dnepropetrovsk during the 60-70s of the last century. Reproductions on the walls will repeat the landmarks of our city: the station, the main avenue, theaters, parks, factories. The streets and sidewalks will be displayed in detail, including old cast-iron benches, urns, lighting poles, storm sewers, sewer hatches, water columns, phone booths, cigarette stalls, thumbs with announcements, shop windows and even public transport stops. So, crossing the threshold of the museum, we will be transferred to history around 1976.

It is planned to present the exposition “Autosport”, which is not familiar to Dnepropetrovsk. You ask why is it not familiar? I will not be able to answer quickly, but I will try. It looked like this: during the Soviet times we were a closed city, because, Khrushchev N.S. said from the rostrum of the UN about our plant “UMZ” the following: “we produce strategic missiles SS-18 “Satan” as sausages”. Something like this. Therefore, with motorsport, we, the townspeople, somehow did not get lucky. This problem in the city of a million people is actual today, because so far we have not had any sports tracks. In the museum the exhibits will tell about the motorsport of the USSR (they are all functional, even now they can rush into battle). There are cars “Estonia” with formula “East”, sports motorcycles and also recognizable by our children “Volga”, “Moskvich”, “Zhigul” with a capacity of 200 hp. It is planned to install LED screens with information about each exhibit, tour guide, souvenir shop, coffee shop, children’s merry-go-round, driving school and so on for deeper impressions. And for those, who are especially keen on retro technology, the technical library will be organized, but all this is still in the plans. Ahead of a lot of work! Let’s begin!