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Technical Museum

Time Machine

Our history

Within the walls of the museum “Time Machine” there is the recreated street of the 70s: a
telephone booth, a gas station, park benches, streetlights, a gas-water machine are just a small
part that can be touched with a look and a hand. These items create an atmosphere for the main
inhabitants of the museum – cars and motorcycles, which are more than 50 units in the
exposition. Having enjoyed the technique, the guests of the museum can take part in the training
master classes that take place on weekends: seamstress, motorist, carpenter, turner, secretary,
radio amateur days, etc. (constantly changing, follow the announcement). For fans of
entertainment there are working slot machines from the past in the hall: sea battle, hunting,
rallying and others. There is also a movie show of cartoons or a film magazine on 16mm film.
For those who want to take a breath or have a snack in the museum a youth cafe is opened,
where the children’s and adults’ menu are presented for your attention – from a cup of coffee to a
steak, which you can taste, looking through the belated filings of the magazines “Ogonyok”, “Za
Rulem” and “Krokodil” of the 80s. The gift shop “Children’s World” will help to consolidate the
received impressions and take away a piece of the last century. There you can buy magnets with
the symbols of the museum “Time Machine” as well as dolls, trains, tumbler toys, soldiers and

Come with all your family for emotional recharging and unforgettable rest!