Ралли Авиаторское 16.07.2017 года на трассе Днепр - кросс.

Заказ экскурсий, звонить до 18:00. +380 56 372 55 86; +380 (92) 101 05 85; 073 101 05 85

Technical Museum

Time Machine

Aviator Rally

The Aviator Rally is classified as the third stage of the FAU trophy by rallying in series cars.

The race of the rally was held on the Dnepr-cross route and consisted of two parts!

Day 1: 08.07.17 – administrative technical check and registration of the route (the process when the drivers go to the track in order to get acquainted with the route in civil mode, no more than 60 km/h .The pilot dictates the co-driver (navigator) the distance to the turns, pits and others obstacles and their complexity!).

Day 2: it was supposed to take place on 09.07.17, but because of the rain the track was soaked and it became not a pass, the race was postponed to July 16, 2017!

VAZ 2101 was participated from the technical museum “Time Machine”. The museum took 8 place in its class!